karma all day cafe bar, Psaxna Evia

Logo Design – Patterns – Menu – Visual Identity

© 2014 Knowledge Game Design Studio, NIKOLAOS ZISIS


Logo design study and implementation for the (all day cafe bar Karma) in Evia. The creative idea was based solely on the Hinduism and in destiny (Karma), by taking the color references and shape of the symbol of lotus, which is evolving in drop cap (K) of the brand. The design of script is also minimal and neutral, in perfect harmony with the visual trademark, allowing a harmonious whole. Finally, the integration of visual identity, supplemented by creating a series of symmetrical organic motifs with ethnic influences that reinforce the whole concept.


Graphic Design – Multiple Applications

© 2014 Knowledge Game Design Studio, NIKOLAOS ZISIS


Graphic design study and application. An abstract composition of geometric and organic elements-symbols harmonized between them, in such a way, as to communicate directly the basic concept of the store.